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A Proven Winner

Jaw-Dropping, Traffic-Stopping, Get-Your-Neighbors Talking Container Design” with Deborah was a crowd favorite at our 2018 Grand Garden Show! We believe the comments we heard back from our guests say it all:

“Such a USEFUL talk!”

“Loved her passion. Her enthusiasm was infectious!”

“Awesome speaker, very engaging and such great content!”

“Lively, informative and inspiring…what fun!”

“Loved her energy! Thank you for new inspirations and ideas!”

You can’t go wrong with Deborah as your speaker!

Marshall Dirks Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Proven Winners® The #1 Plant Brand

The Perfect Presentation

“Beauty and the Bees: A Different Way of Looking at Garden Design” was absolutely the perfect presentation for our summer conference! Standing room only! Thank you Deborah for your wonderful expertise - a speaker that I can count on to always produce results for attendees! 

Rena Sumner Executive Director, Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc. 

An outstanding Zoom presentation!

What a great evening! I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed you and your presentation. 

I wish it could have been in person, but you created a very comfortable and friendly zoom experience.

Winchester Home and Garden Club

Wow! You really packed ’em in!

For 220 people to attend so early in the day is amazing! Thanks again for making Gardener's Studio a great success!


“Jaw Dropping, Traffic Stopping Container Gardens”

Deborah Trickett was an audience delight at the 2017 Country Living Fairs in Rhinebeck, NY and Columbus, Ohio! She shared her expertise, tips, tricks, lessons learned with audience on creating "Jaw Dropping, Traffic Stopping Container Gardens". Her presentation style is engaging from the start and she managed audience questions throughout with ease. Her container creations in these presentations were on point with the interests and gardening style of Country Living reader interests. I would encourage all garden enthusiasts to take advantage of meeting Deborah and attending any of her lectures in your area!  


Rave reviews

Deborah is knowledgeable, fun, and a great speaker. I have booked speakers each month for the last two years and more people than ever before called or emailed me to rave about Deborah's container talk.

We raffled off the four containers she made during a Zoom presentation, and we were able to cover our cost.  You cannot go wrong if you hire Deborah to speak.

Jane Hingham, MA

A huge hit with the Master Gardeners

Deborah's talk on "Jaw-Dropping, Traffic-Stopping, Get Your Neighbors Talking" presentation for the 275+ attendees at this year's symposium was all that and more. We learned to look at our containers in new ways that were inventive, colorful, textural and full of fun and pizazz! Deborah motivates the listener to be adventurous and have a sense of humor with the pots they plant.

Noreen K. URI Garden Symposium

The beginning of a wonderful relationship

Deborah had us at "hello'! When we met Deborah we were struck by the questions she asked.  Deborah was interested in how we lived, what we were looking for in terms of our outdoor living space and asked for descriptors that gave her a sense of what we envisioned.  Throughout the process Deborah would stop by to view the property, share her vision and educate us on flora and fauna that would become a part of our landscape.  When it came time to begin designing and landscaping, she incorporated the rocks, plants and trees that were on our property - adding to the sentimentality of the design space. We are truly overwhelmed by the beauty of the property and are using, enjoying our and loving outdoor living space. This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Thank you Deborah!

Nanci G. Weston, MA

Excellent speaking and teaching skills

Your presentation for the Essex, CT Garden Club was just wonderful! Not only are you creative, but your speaking and teaching skills are excellent! Everyone agreed you have been our best floral design presenter to date! Thank you so much for driving to Essex for our program.


Barbara M.

Loved, Loved, Loved your presentation!

I wanted to personally thank you for a great program that really got my mind busy thinking outside the pot, box or whatever about some new possibilities for the containers I plant at my home.

You are an expert at presenting your material in a way that keeps the audience engaged. Can't wait to hear you again. You can be sure I will be visiting your webpage regularly.

Liz D.    Norfolk, MA   

Deborah Trickett is a genius

She has brought us such beauty and joy, with our two lush deck gardens. She designed and implemented everything, including the cedar containers, irrigation, plant selection and planting. She put it all in in 95 degree heat! She understood what would work in our harsh, super sunny, shadeless location in the city. We could not be more pleased and grateful. The gardens helped me heal from surgery and provided a steady summer supply of tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and herbs. There were also honey bees, humming birds and butterflies! This has transformed our daily life.

Ellen and John Boston’s North End   

You have my dream job

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation last night in Attleboro for the Attleboro Garden Club. You were the most inspirational lecturer I have ever heard regarding gardening. I can't wait to do my containers this year. You gave some awesome tips for this sometimes very stressful job I do every year. I only wish I could take you along for support. Lol. But, I will bring my notes with me and try to follow your ideas. Plan, color scheme, stay focused, container, soil, texture/contrast. So, so informative and helpful, I can't say enough.

Again, thank you very much and I hope to attend another lecture by you someday. You have my dream job.

Carolyn B. Attleboro, MA   

Deborah Trickett is a generous, reliable and brilliant garden designer and creator

She put together from scratch two lush deck gardens for us, using new cedar containers, which included annuals and perennials and a hidden irrigation line. We had a summer of our own tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, chives, thyme, mint, and glorious flowers and grasses, all in the heart of one of Boston’s most urban areas. We have a super sunny spot with very little shade, but she figured out how to make the space work. We cannot say enough praise for every aspect of her work. She put in both gardens in 95 degree heat! They have been a healing presence, drawing humming birds, honey and bumble bees, butterflies and sparrows. What a joy to have found her to do this for us.

Ellen H.   

“Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets”

Deborah Trickett presented "Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets" to the Wollaston Garden Club. This was a really fun and informative evening and I can't wait to try some of the tricks. Deborah has a great sense of humor and knows her stuff! We had a very good crowd and the responses were all wonderful.

Emily L. Wollaston, MA   

You inspired us!!

We attended your "Jaw Dropping, Traffic Stopping.... " talk at the Country Living Fair in New York. After your talk we headed back out to the fair to find the "perfect" container. We found a long tool box that my husband "tweaked" a bit before we added our flowers. We have a narrow space leading up to our front steps. In the past I have filled it with potted plants, greenery and flowering plants. Not quite the geranium in a pot...but close! 

We meant to take before and after pictures but we were too excited and just got into planting. For this year, we just took the plants we already had in pots and put them into the old tool box that we found at the fair.

Our front walk way looks SO much better now. We really enjoyed your seminar. Thanks for the inspiration!

Vickie and Tom C.     Newark, Delaware  

“Celebrity Pots”

Last night, Deborah gave her talk "Celebrity Pots" to the Natick Garden Club. As one member exclaimed after the presentation, "That was the best lecture we have ever had." The containers she created to reflect characteristics of familiar celebrities were inspiring and hysterical. She entertained us enormously while challenging us to use more varied and unusual plants in our containers.


Ann P.   Natick, MA   

We’re Sold!

I am convinced that your beautiful spring urns helped us sell our house so quickly. Everybody was commenting on how unique they were. Thanks.


Anne C.    Milton, MA

It looks absolutely gorgeous!

I just came back from work and I had a big smile on my face! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for putting some life on my patio! You are a true professional and I can see how passionate and how much you care about your work. Hard to find people like you nowadays.

It feels so good to look outside and see some green. I love the character that these plants have!


R.H.    South End, Boston   

Highly Recommend!

Deborah gave her container gardening program for the North Andover Garden Club last night and it was fantastic! She planted four different and interesting containers with wonderfully diverse plants for both sun and shade. Her design sense is impeccable and her ability to communicate what she is doing and WHY she is doing it clearly and with a great sense of humor made the program inspirational and a ton of fun for everyone, beginners to experts. We have some very experienced gardeners in our club and everyone was very impressed with her program. And, two new members turned in their applications immediately after the program! I highly recommend Deborah and will certainly be booking her for more programs in the future. A guaranteed homerun of a program!


Sorena P.    North Andover, MA   

I Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Since I met you, I find I like being outside so much more. The planters on the patio and the gardens you’ve re-designed make every moment outside so much nicer. I can enjoy a cup of tea instead of seeing things I want to change.


Wellesley, MA  

“Jaw- dropping,Traffic Stopping, Get Your Neighbors Talking Containers”

The Wayland Garden Club had Deborah Trickett as our first guest kicking off our season. Her topic was "Jaw- dropping,Traffic Stopping, Get Your Neighbors Talking Containers". She had our full attention with her opening statement, her well developed sense of humor,and her knowledge of plants and what looks terrific in containers. Many of our attendees remarked that she was one of the best presenters we have ever had.


Karen A. Wayland, MA   

Thank You

Thank you for our delightful new garden. We enjoy it every day and it's as if we have a giant new room to play in.


Jeanne & Steven H.   Wellesley, MA   

Tips, Tricks and Trade Secrets

Deb presented Tips, Tricks and Trade Secrets on Sept 10th for the Acton Garden Club. This was the second time we invited Deb to our group - we enjoyed her presentation on Containers so much, we had to have her back! She was just as much fun the second time. Her presentation was full of wonderful useful tips. Our group greatly enjoyed Deb's good humor and pleasant style.


Jodi M. Acton, MA  

I can’t thank you enough!

I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you did for my son’s First Communion. The urns with hydrangea and pussy willow were so colorful and the wreath for the front door was breathtaking. Your work made a special day even more so.


Sue L. Wellesley, MA

Boston Flower & Garden Show

Deborah's lectures and demonstrations at the Boston Flower & Garden Show are always among our most popular programs. Her enthusiasm for the topic of container gardening and ability to convey her broad knowledge in succinct and entertaining programs make her a great asset to our show.

Carolyn W. Group Director, Outdoor Lifestyle Shows, Paragon Group, Boston, MA

Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets

If you are looking for an engaging, knowledgeable presenter, you will be very pleased with Deborah Trickett. Our Garden Club booked Deborah for one of her newest lectures: Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets. Club members were enthusiastic about her talk and about Deborah’s professional, friendly demeanor. Will definitely have Deborah back to our club.


Jean M.   Mansfield, MA  

A Dynamic Presenter

Deborah has shared her programs with the Lincoln Garden Club twice during the past few years. On her first visit she enchanted us with her "Jaw-dropping, Traffic Stopping, Get Your Neighbors Talking" program on container gardening. Recently (February, 2018), she presented "Tips, Tricks and Trade Secrets" to our group. It was equally engaging, informative and entertaining. You will not find a more dynamic presenter.

Joyce DiToro Lincoln Garden Club

Go From Sigh-to-Sizzle!

If you are looking to turn your container plantings from sigh-to-sizzle, then Deb Trickett, of the Captured Garden is your gal. Deb is a knowledgeable, entertain and energetic speaker that will give your audience tons of useful tips to make their container plantings pop with passion. Deb is a consummate pro and delighted our crowd of 350 with her Jaw Dropping Containers presentation. Thank you, Deb!

Patty Donahue Growing Great Gardens

Beauty and the Bees

I want to thank you so much for the fabulous lecture. You have a way about you that draws in the group to inspire and learn. You talk with, not at, the audience. I panned the room and the smiles and joy of the moment was apparent! They loved your ideas and influenced them to think about our friends the bees🐝. Beautiful work! 

Again thank you for the informative and vivacious talk!

Barbara M. Salem Garden Club

Such a lovely surprise!

Deborah is very talented. We have a large terrace off of our 5th floor condo, and she filled the perimeter with gorgeous perennials and annuals along with 2 crab apple trees, a butterfly bush and other potted plants. It's gorgeous, and she maintains it for us so that it doesn't get too wild. She was careful to respond to our request for flowering plants that attract birds, and she even surprised us (planting everything while we were on vacation) with a stone birdbath.  She also referred us to an irrigation expert, so that our plants are now watered automatically by a WiFi program on our iPhones. We are delighted with Deborah's work.

Jennifer and Bob

An entertaining and informative presentor

Thank you Deborah for once again delivering an entertaining and informative presentation to the Duxbury Garden Club! Fast paced indeed - I ran out of writing space on my paper! There was a run on Polident at Rite Aid today...!

Still hearing wonderful compliments about you. I’m sure you will receive the same on the rest of your summer tour. Next time perennials?

Woody L.

The Perfect Presentation

“Beauty and the Bees: A Different Way of Looking at Garden Design” was absolutely the perfect presentation for our summer conference! Standing room only! Thank you Deborah for your wonderful expertise - a speaker that I can count on to always produce results for attendees! 

Rena Sumner Executive Director, Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc. 

Deborah is a Member Favorite!

We have had Deborah come several times to our club, and she is a member favorite! Each time there is something new to learn, and she delivers in such a fun and engaging way. We've done lectures and workshops and enjoyed them all immensely. This year, she led a demonstration on making pumpkin succulent centerpieces. It was so neat to learn about the different types of succulents, and how to care for them .  She used two different colored and shaped pumpkins, and once she was finished they could not have looked more different or been more beautiful in their own way. It was as if, instead of turning the pumpkin into Cinderella's carriage, the Fairy Godmother turned it into a show-stopping centerpiece for Thanksgiving!

Powisset Garden Club

Entertaining and Insightful

Our November 13, 2018 meeting featured guest speaker Deborah Trickett, with a presentation on “Winter Boxes and Other Containers”. The audience was engaged throughout. Deborah was entertaining and insightful. We had an incredible number of positive feedback from those who attended.

Rene Pickering Newburyport Horticultural Society Co-President

“Every time I pull up to my house, I smile.”

I could not be happier with my new front garden. Working with Deborah is such a tremendous pleasure; she really cared about creating something that would both fit the house and bring my family joy every day. I sometimes see people walking by the house and stopping to admire our new plantings and design. But, the most important thing is not that others stop to look, but that every time I pull up to my house, I smile. Deborah is such a joy to work with and I am so grateful that she has had a hand in our home.

Nicole C. Milton, MA

Rave reviews

Deborah is knowledgeable, fun, and a great speaker. I have booked speakers each month for the last two years and more people than ever before called or emailed me to rave about Deborah's container talk.

We raffled off the four containers she made during a Zoom presentation, and we were able to cover our cost.  You cannot go wrong if you hire Deborah to speak.

Jane Hingham, MA

Informative, Engaging, and Entertaining

Deborah’s  "Jaw Dropping, Traffic Stopping Container Gardens” presentation was informative, engaging, and entertaining. She involves her audience and answers questions as she speaks. Her photos illustrate numerous ideas for containers with eye catching plant material that she identifies as well as color combinations that work well together. You will see how she incorporates unusual, unique and sometimes antique containers. She also provides tips on transitioning a container from one season into another. Deborah commands a wealth of information that every gardener will want to implement.

Carolyn Tatarian Norwell Garden Club

A true artist

I've been working with The Captured Garden for nearly 17 years. Deborah is a true artist who has created the most beautiful plantings and window boxes, among other items such as holiday decorations. Recently we moved to a new home and we hired The Captured Garden to do a landscaping project for our backyard. It has been transformed!! We are so pleased with the entire process, the plan, the installation, and all of the additional items such as planters. Once again, the Captured Garden has created a beautiful oasis in our home. They are simply the best!!

Sue L. Sherborn, MA

Engaging Zoom Presenter

Deborah presented a Zoom program for our garden club on Winter Container Gardens. The program was very well received. Deborah is very engaging and knowledgeable..  We came away with many good ideas.

Natick Garden Club

One of our best attended programs

Thank you so much for your excellent Zoom presentation to the Hanover NH Garden club. It was one of our best attended programs. It was fun seeing your unusual designs and learning the finer points of standout container gardening!

Hanover NH Garden Club


Your presentation to the Aptucxet Garden Club of Bourne was great, very informative and inspiring. Your photo examples really topped it off. I can hardly wait to fill those pots  and I am so ready to try  something new. 

Susan D. Bourne, MA