Urban Bird Lovers

These clients were avid bird lovers and wanted a space that was attractive to their winged friends, despite the fact they lived five stories up in the heart of downtown Boston! They had bird feeders, but we encouraged them to attract even more birds with perennials. We added cedar planters around the perimeter of the deck and planted perennials like bee balm, thistle, butterfly weed, salvia and lobelia which were sure to draw in a crowd and they did. Two crabapples ‘Coralburst’ were chosen for their small size as well as small fruit, which is more edible for the birds.

Our clients loved color and had a sense of fun so we made sure that the colors we used outside would complement the décor INSIDE the condo.

The day of installation was hot but we thought the end result was pretty cool. And based on the amount of wildlife visiting the deck we weren’t the only ones!